Showing some stuff from H&M, Boozt

I’m so so sorry for being away! I HATED IT!!!!! But my phone is finally in on repair, and I haven’t been able to take any pictures. But today I got the brilliant idea, I can’t believe that I didn’t get it before? I thought that I had high IQ, apparently not. I took my dad’s phone and snapped some pictures, I’ve done so many fun things this week and I wish I had that brilliant idea then, too late now.

So the only post I can offer you today is a haul, I don’t know if you like it or if you hate it? Let me know!


All these shirts are from H&M, I also ordered a pair of shoes, a belt, and a pajama. But it wasn’t that fun to show so I just took pictures of this. If you want to see the belt, shoes, or pajamas comment!

I think these piece of clothing is sooo cute, and it’s really my style. I love that shirt that looks like a peplum top, the second picture. And do you like this collage? does it look good?

Like 4 post’s ago I did a ”thing from Nelly” and I showed you this backpack! I bought it as you can see, it’s from ”Day Birger Et Mikkelsen”. I think it’s so cute, and I almost want to begin school again, but I’m so well prepared. So that’s why. Should I do a ”back to school” series? I bought this bag from Boozt ❤

I’m also waiting for a pair of Michael Kors shoes to get home, they’re so pretty!!!
I’m really a shopaholic, I need to stop. Can anybody give me some tips to stop comfort shop? I ordered the shoes from

Btw, did anyone see the lunar eclipse? Blood moon? or whatever you call it, I, my little brother and father went to a mountain and we saw it so good, wish I had a phone so I could show you some pictures!

But I’m finally going to sleep now, I don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow but I’m going to post frequently again! I’ve missed this blog so so so much!!!

Running som errands.

So today me and my dad is going to see if I can take a new passport, and then we’re just going shop some food.

I have the worst period cramps, I literally want to bawl my eyes out.

Sunglasses – Gina Tricot

Jacket – Boohoo

Pin – Micheal kors

T-shirt – Karl Lagerfeld

Skirt – H&M

Bracelet – Marc Jacobs

Speaking of, have you seen their new collection with Paris Hilton?? I want to buy the tracksuit, that says “that’s hot” but, the hoodie she wears isn’t out yet. But the pants are?? Super strange.

I was in Gothenburg with my boyfriend

As always, me and my boyfriend spent the weekend together. This time, he was at my place. And we went to Gothenburg, i needed to run som arrends.

Hahaha I just needed to buy a pair of high heels and a birthday present to my mommie, her birthday is today.

It’s so aesthetically pleasing with trams, you now undergrounds but overground. I always feel sick when I ride trams? And it always smells pee…

Then me and my boyfriend went to Röda Sten to watch ferries, and boats. WE MISSED THEM. Still angry to be honest.

He always takes cute pictures of me, he took some pictures on the real camera. But I just screenshoted this one.

This was when I tried on some high heels, and I wore costume pants. They look real ugly in the camera.

(My name is Caroline, and my boyfriend thought this was some flashy ass shoes, and they are. So I bought them)

I need to stop shopping so much.

I went shopping last week if you remember?? This is some of the stuff I bought, I also ordered a shirt from Ralph Lauren, mom was ordering clothes for my little brother… I wanted some too…. I’m gonna show you guys what I bouhgt!!

This is the shirt i ordered from Kidsbrandstore, a really good store actually. Hahaha yes I ordered kids clothes… but I’m really small. It fits.

I bought this sweater from bikbok, a really cute sweater.

This shirt, I LOVE THE SHIRTS FROM THIS STORE. Don’t know what it is for store, but it’s so soft. I LOVE IT. I want to be wrapped in clothes from this store in my coffin. I’m not even joking.

Is this hat cute? I really like this hat. It feels like something a Bratz would wear. I really like the Bratz style.

I bought some more stuff, but it’s in the washer, and I wanted to post this post today!

But what do you think of the clothes??