Michael Kors

FINALLY, MY SHOES CAME TODAY! AND I LOVE THEM!!! They’re so glittery and sooo fabulous, so fetch. Sorry, currently listening to a gossip girl playlist. I really get the 00’s feeling.

I hope that sometime this week I get my phone back, I miss it so much. It feels like I’m zoomed out from life, but it’s a pretty good feeling, not gonna lie to you. I get kind of restless, and I sit with my computer more. But, I think I’m going to use my phone less actually, I don’t feel the same need to watch Instagram all the time or go on snapchat.

3 years ago I did a 30-day challenge, removing all my social media from my phone. I didn’t remove snapchat because that’s the way I communicate with people, I don’t have any of my friend’s phone numbers. And it really changed my need for using social media. And I’m going to unfollow so many unnecessary accounts on Instagram when I get my phone back. People that I don’t even know, post-famous people, bad meme accounts. I really look forward to it, starting over. 20180730_184451

THEY’RE BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE THEM!! Hahaha I’ve stepped around in them all day20180730_184821

Showing some stuff from H&M, Boozt

I’m so so sorry for being away! I HATED IT!!!!! But my phone is finally in on repair, and I haven’t been able to take any pictures. But today I got the brilliant idea, I can’t believe that I didn’t get it before? I thought that I had high IQ, apparently not. I took my dad’s phone and snapped some pictures, I’ve done so many fun things this week and I wish I had that brilliant idea then, too late now.

So the only post I can offer you today is a haul, I don’t know if you like it or if you hate it? Let me know!


All these shirts are from H&M, I also ordered a pair of shoes, a belt, and a pajama. But it wasn’t that fun to show so I just took pictures of this. If you want to see the belt, shoes, or pajamas comment!

I think these piece of clothing is sooo cute, and it’s really my style. I love that shirt that looks like a peplum top, the second picture. And do you like this collage? does it look good?

Like 4 post’s ago I did a ”thing from Nelly” and I showed you this backpack! I bought it as you can see, it’s from ”Day Birger Et Mikkelsen”. I think it’s so cute, and I almost want to begin school again, but I’m so well prepared. So that’s why. Should I do a ”back to school” series? I bought this bag from Boozt ❤

I’m also waiting for a pair of Michael Kors shoes to get home, they’re so pretty!!!
I’m really a shopaholic, I need to stop. Can anybody give me some tips to stop comfort shop? I ordered the shoes from Nelly.com

Btw, did anyone see the lunar eclipse? Blood moon? or whatever you call it, I, my little brother and father went to a mountain and we saw it so good, wish I had a phone so I could show you some pictures!

But I’m finally going to sleep now, I don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow but I’m going to post frequently again! I’ve missed this blog so so so much!!!

Mini Haul

Yesterday I and my boyfriend were at that little place where you can buy cheap stuff, it’s called Göksäter. I bought some paint and a glitter paint. I’m going to start to paint again because it’s so relaxing.

When we got home we ate pizza, hahaha. My week of living as a real American is done now. Going to start eating salad. Have I told you guys that me a A is done watching HIMYM. Do you guys know any good series we can watch now together??

We sat up the whole night, I fell asleep at 7 AM… But around midnight me, A and my little brother rented “the Purge” I’ve watched those movies once before. And they’re so scary. So we sat and watched cringe Youtube clips all night after the movie.

Right now I’m skyping with my boyfriend, his mother came and picked him up before. I just tried a new thing… I ate pizza in my bed, IT WAS EVEN BETTER IN BED. I watched Gilmore Girls, I haven’t watched it for a week now when I’ve been with my boyfriend.


These Canvases I bought on Saturday, but I’m going to show them anyways, I also bought the long Canvas on Saturday.

Here’s the paint I bought yesterday! The black, green and the brushes I bought on Saturday too, but I haven’t tried them yet. Only the glitter paint and it was so cute! Definitely going to buy more Glitter paints, the canvas I’ve started on is so 2007. Going to show you guys when it’s ready!

First time.

Yesterday me and my boyfriend didn’t do ANYTHING. Well, we went to the store and bought a salad? HAHA NO MCDONALDS FOR ME. I’m just joking, but it was the first time I ate that salad, and it was pretty good.

Today we went to a mall and looked for beds, but while we jumped out of the car. MY FUCKING PHONE FELL AND NOW THE WHOLE SCREEN IS CRACKED. I literally hate myself. So I went comfort shopping for art stuff, it was a good shopping. Rip my bank account. And we went to Mcdonalds…. We are at my place again, we got here today.

I just did painted/did my nails and currently waiting for them to dry so I can paint a top coat. My boyfriend is looking for cars, do you guys know any good car brands? except for volvo…

2018-07-08 02168413673..jpg

Maybe I should start eating healthy stuff?? Acai-Bowls are so delicious, and this salad too…


Running som errands.

So today me and my dad is going to see if I can take a new passport, and then we’re just going shop some food.

I have the worst period cramps, I literally want to bawl my eyes out.

Sunglasses – Gina Tricot

Jacket – Boohoo

Pin – Micheal kors

T-shirt – Karl Lagerfeld

Skirt – H&M

Bracelet – Marc Jacobs

Speaking of Boohoo.com, have you seen their new collection with Paris Hilton?? I want to buy the tracksuit, that says “that’s hot” but, the hoodie she wears isn’t out yet. But the pants are?? Super strange.

Haul: Balmain, Michael Kors, Marc jacobs…

As you know I went shopping last friday and today, last friday with my best friend, you know Freedrics. And today my childhood bestie.

And I’m gonna show you what I bought!!

I’ll begin with the things I bought last friday in Gothenburg.

first this cute little bracelet, I’ve worn it everyday since. I always worn my Thomas Sabo bracelet for 3 years. This bracelet is from Marc Jacobs

And I found this little cute pin from Michael Kors, it’s a flamingo and I adore it so much!! Don’t my hair looks ugly as fuck??

But now for the things I bought today!!

This is a verry boring thing, but as you know I’m going to start my gymnasium this autumn. So I need some good notebooks. And I got this with 10 files in it, my inner schoolnerd just plopped out 😂

I also bought these cool sunglasses!! They looked so cute with my outfit today, the flowery shirt and ripped jeansjacket from Boohoo.

And last but not at least, I finally got my hands on the Balmain x Loreal collection!! I’m so happy, I looked at in Poland and I didn’t buy it, and when I got home I regreted it so much. But now I have it😍😍😍

Now I’m going to sleep because tomorrow will be a long and fun day! I’m going to visit one of my friends and then later on I will go to Gothenburgs islands 😂

I was in Gothenburg with my boyfriend

As always, me and my boyfriend spent the weekend together. This time, he was at my place. And we went to Gothenburg, i needed to run som arrends.

Hahaha I just needed to buy a pair of high heels and a birthday present to my mommie, her birthday is today.

It’s so aesthetically pleasing with trams, you now undergrounds but overground. I always feel sick when I ride trams? And it always smells pee…

Then me and my boyfriend went to Röda Sten to watch ferries, and boats. WE MISSED THEM. Still angry to be honest.

He always takes cute pictures of me, he took some pictures on the real camera. But I just screenshoted this one.

This was when I tried on some high heels, and I wore costume pants. They look real ugly in the camera.

(My name is Caroline, and my boyfriend thought this was some flashy ass shoes, and they are. So I bought them)