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Right now I’m sitting on the bus, I just want this day to go quick so I can go home and study some more math then sleep. I only slept 6 hours tonight, and I’ll probably do it again today. But on Wednesday I start 12:50 😍

We have a math test on thursday, 3 chapters. And last week I got a brilliant idea to redo the 3 chapters, ’cause I didn’t understand anything.

What more do I have this week? It’s not so much I think, we’re going to stsrt something new in English and Swedish, but it’s usually no homework. I have some words in German to study.

I have to change bus now, see you later!

Hahahah look at my ugly ass hand, I shouldv’e cropped the picture.

Top 10 songs #2

Top 10 songs #2

  1. Lil Peep – Save that shit
  2. Marshmello x Lil Peep – Spotlight
  3. Albin Johnsen – Nordstjärnan (Swedish song, link to spotify)
  4. Twenty One Pilots – Migraine
  5. Twenty One Pilots – Tear in my heart
  6. Two Feet – Go fuck yourself
  7. XXXTENTACION – Jocelyn Flores
  8. Hayley Kiyoko – Feelings
  9. Noah Cyrus – I’m stuck
  10. Olivia O’brien – Empty

This is some of my favorite songs right now, click on the songs to get to their youtube video!



Today has been good, I was in school, first subject was swedish, I wrote on a rapport. Then it was woodwork, hate it, I’m the only girl there too… After that we had math and then chemistry, probably not that interesting. But I’ve been really motivated today.

When I got home me and my mom wen’t to Gothenburg. I was at a open house at a school, it was super nice. So I really hope I’m gonna get in there.

Also we picked up my dad because ha has been on a work trip, so we picked him up after his flight.

I just jumped out of shower and I’m gonna go to bed now. So goodnight, sweet dreams ❤