I found some clothes I really want to buy on, gosh I want to buy all the things!! Still comfort shopping because of my phone.

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SOOOOO CUTE, Picture this: Me sitting on my future 160 feet yacht, just got out of the water, so it’s a little bit chilly, so I need to put something on. This is PERFECT. Am I right?? Michael Kors always delivers.

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I’m actually going to buy one of these backpacks from this brand, but don’t know which one. I need a new for school, going to show you guys which one I decided for when I’ve ordered it!

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I love Kate Spade as some of you guys know! I want to buy a new phone case, well it doesn’t matter anymore because my phone is shattered… HAHA! But for my next phone (iPhone) I’m going to buy this phone case! I love the credit card holder also!

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This number is perfect for when you’re going to your rich dead ex-husbands funeral. HAHAHA no, I’m just joking with you guys! But this is beautiful! I wish I had like a gala or something fancy to go to, so I have an excuse to buy this fancy little thing!

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AAAAH! I LOVE THIS! This and you would slay the beach/pool/lake etc. Definitely going to order this one!

Going to return to my boyfriend now, he’s watching Monty Python, tomorrow we’re going to a store nearby that sells cheap stuff. Going to see if I can buy some fake dollar bills…

Who am I? I am lost.

The latest couple of days I’ve been having so many brain-ghosts. I don’t know who I am? or what do I want to be? I don’t know what my purpose is. What do I want to work with? I have so many dreams, expensive dreams, I have dreams since my childhood that I don’t know how to reach.

I think I have a clue, but I think everything will work out in the end. But I still have so many dreams, when I was like 6 I wanted to work with dolphins, I still want to work with the ocean, I want to become a marine biologist now. When I was little I wanted to draw and design my own cruise ship, and I started a little when I was 13, I turn 16 now, and I still want to, but a yacht nowadays.

Everything I want is crazy expensive, I’m not born into a luxury lifestyle. So that makes it even harder, sometimes it feels like I just should be a lawyer or start a company that makes plastic, just to earn money, a crapload of money. But I don’t want to, I want to have a fun job but still work with what I want. I need to make my decision in 3 years, I feel lost.

I live by the ocean, my mom and dad work on cruise ships. In fact, all my relatives do. Maybe that’s where I got my dreams. I don’t know where I wanted to come with this blog post, have you guys ever felt lost? 20180316_152308605337257.jpg