Tipsing some gift sets!

While I sat in the car before I was really bored, hahaha ofc. It took 9 hours to get home, I’m so tired now but I’m just going to write this blog post, then I’m going to sleep. Congrats to France for their World Cup win!

But while I sat in the car I checked the internet, everything from backpacks to new furniture to my room. But I’m going to do a blog post about some things I found and things that I use, and I use 3 of the 5 things, almost daily.


Omg this brand did a collection with Nikkie! I die, I love her so so much, JeffreStar and Nikkie are 2 of my favorite youtubers! I wish I had money so I could buy this.


I actually have this perfume, and it smells soooo good. Love it when it is in a gift set also! Gosh, I love them!


I have this set too! But the oil and the shower gel is almost done now, so I need to buy more. But I love this brand, bought a gift pack for my mom too, with some skin stuff and also a cool cream you could lay one some places on your body. And you would get relaxed, super strange but it works!


This shampoo and conditioner from Maria Nila have I been using since 3 years back, and I just love that brand. Because they stand for so many good things, they also have so cute packaging, and the first time I colored my hair in 6th grade I used their Pink color bomb!


And for my male readers, here you have a really good perfume. My boyfriend said that this one smells so nice! So it’s a good set with a perfume.

Mini Haul

Yesterday I and my boyfriend were at that little place where you can buy cheap stuff, it’s called Göksäter. I bought some paint and a glitter paint. I’m going to start to paint again because it’s so relaxing.

When we got home we ate pizza, hahaha. My week of living as a real American is done now. Going to start eating salad. Have I told you guys that me a A is done watching HIMYM. Do you guys know any good series we can watch now together??

We sat up the whole night, I fell asleep at 7 AM… But around midnight me, A and my little brother rented “the Purge” I’ve watched those movies once before. And they’re so scary. So we sat and watched cringe Youtube clips all night after the movie.

Right now I’m skyping with my boyfriend, his mother came and picked him up before. I just tried a new thing… I ate pizza in my bed, IT WAS EVEN BETTER IN BED. I watched Gilmore Girls, I haven’t watched it for a week now when I’ve been with my boyfriend.


These Canvases I bought on Saturday, but I’m going to show them anyways, I also bought the long Canvas on Saturday.

Here’s the paint I bought yesterday! The black, green and the brushes I bought on Saturday too, but I haven’t tried them yet. Only the glitter paint and it was so cute! Definitely going to buy more Glitter paints, the canvas I’ve started on is so 2007. Going to show you guys when it’s ready!

DIY How I do my gel nails at home

I’ve not done much today, I’m soon going to eat, I don’t know if my aunt is going to visit us…? my mom and dad did barbecue… I really miss the summer now, hahaha my parents so obviously… not everyone who goes out in the middle of the winter to do barbecue.

Do you like the shoes in the last picture? If you remember a couple of years ago, Selena Gomez had a collab with Adidas. They are shoes from the winter collection.

I took some outfit pictures before, I think it’s really fun. Going to take more tomorrow. But click the link below to see how I do my gel nails at home!


Top 10 songs #2

Top 10 songs #2

  1. Lil Peep – Save that shit
  2. Marshmello x Lil Peep – Spotlight
  3. Albin Johnsen – Nordstjärnan (Swedish song, link to spotify)
  4. Twenty One Pilots – Migraine
  5. Twenty One Pilots – Tear in my heart
  6. Two Feet – Go fuck yourself
  7. XXXTENTACION – Jocelyn Flores
  8. Hayley Kiyoko – Feelings
  9. Noah Cyrus – I’m stuck
  10. Olivia O’brien – Empty

This is some of my favorite songs right now, click on the songs to get to their youtube video!


35 This or That Questions

I took some inspo from my bestfriend, he also blogs. Here’s a link to his blog.


Dog or Cat? Dog

Netflix or YouTube? Netflix

Phone Call or Text? Text

Toast or Eggs? Toast

Cardio or Weights? Cardio

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook

Ice Cream Cone or Snow Cone? Ice cream cone

Mobile Games or Console Games? Console Games

While walking: Music or Podcasts? Music

iOS or Android? IOS, but I have Samsung now

Form or Function? Function

 Pop or Indie? Pop


Cake or Pie? Cake

Swimming or Sunbathing? Swimming

High-tech or Low-tech? High-tech

Big Party or Small Gathering? Big Party

New Clothes or New Phone? New clothes

Rich Friend or Loyal Friend? If I’m not getting any money from the rich friend it wouldn’t matter if she’s rich or not.  So loyal.

Football or Basketball? Football

Work Hard or Play Hard? Work Hard

Nice Car or Nice Home Interior? Nice Car

What’s worse: Laundry or Dishes? Dishes

Jogging or Hiking? Hiking

Bath or Shower? Bath

Sneakers or Sandals? Sneakers

Glasses or Contacts? Glasses

Hamburger or Taco? That’s a tough one… In my family we always have Taco Friday… and I love to take a hamburger at mcdonalds… but I think I have to say Hamburger.

Amusement Park or Day at the Beach? Amusement Park, I don’t like the beach, I like to go on a boat instead. I hate sand.

Online Shopping or Shopping in a Store? Shopping in a store, because you can go there with your friends. And it’s mory cozy that way.

Receive: Email or Letter? I get so many emails, so letter. I never get letters, only when I need to go to the dentist.

Passenger or Driver? Driver

Tablet or Computer? Tablet is smarter for movies, but you can use computers for everything. So computer.

Most important in a partner: Intelligent or Funny? Funny

Car or Truck? Car, a nice sports car.

Blue or Red? Blue


Sorry for the bad picture but I thought it was a nice picture to the last question ❤

This weekend

This weekend has been good, both my mom and dad was home this weekend and that doesn’t happen alot, because they work on a boat.

But on friday night I was out with some friends and that was fun, I haven’t been with them for some years now so it was really really great.

Yesterday, saturday. Me, mom and dad was at a mall, nothing special. When I got home again I took some pictures, I think I really got some great photos. I can show some that I took with my phone now.

And last night I was out and drove to mcdonalds again.

Right now I’m watching youtube, a girl called Misslisibell.